Be The Change You Would Like!


Discover your own unlimited potential to create your own destiny.  Connect to your true spiritual self and your get set on your life path.


Shamanism, Reiki, Tarot Reading , Angel Therapy, Chakra Healing, SoulsTemple healing, 

Access Consciousness, Hypnotherapy, Redikall Healing, Crystal Healing, Realm Readings, Rune Reading, Animal spirit guides - learn/discover all the tools to help you heal holistically and get a better life.

Communion Symbols

For all channel workers, now discover how to use the energies of the Sun, Moon, Earth, and many more elements to better your day to day life. These symbols have come for the first time on the planet channeled by the energy of Chellam Healing Center.

The world in your hands!!

Our Mission is all about empowering you to get into a

non-judgemental space that liberates you from anything that limits you in this reality. 

Get a different perspective and the true meaning of life where you know that you create your own destiny. By changing yourself and your thoughts, you can turnaround your life to reach your true potential. 


Start realizing how the universe works and responds to your thoughts and liberate yourself from lies, traps, judgements etc and create life the way you would like.



Gratitude is the highest form of positive vibration and we are grateful to you for taking time to read our website.

Help us spread the message, by accepting our gratitude with a smile. After reading, do continue smiling at the people you meet today. Have a great day!!!


Be Free .., Be Liberated ..,

Be You ...







As a human, you are much more that what you think. It is your self limiting believe's and point of view's that stops your from realizing what you can truly acheive.


With Reiki, Redikall healing, Access bars and many other modes of healing, come and get yourself healed to really discover who you are.

Change all your subconsious thought patterns which block you from moving forward in life and discover who you really are as you start on a journey of becoming more of you. We can help you get started on this journey called life.




By changing the way you think and by chaging yourself you will see how the world around you will change.


This is how the law of attraction works, the universe responds to each and every thought that your are giving out.


So if you start thinking right and positive, you will start manifesting whatever you want in your life and understand that your life is in your hands and "IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU". 



"I attended the first level for Reiki at this center. Definitely it has helped me to focus much on self-believe and the benefits of practising it in day-to-day life. I have started taking life positively now and can see the difference around me and myself. For that my big thanks to Nithya Chellam who had supported and guided me towards positivity in my life.Thanks once again Nithya. "






"Nithya is passionate about tarot reading and has immense knowledge of the same. With the Three Card Reading, Nithya was incredibly detailed in explaining my past, present, and future, and helped choose the best action to take in the situation, and gave me a glimpse of what is to come. She highlighted the things that I should be focusing on in order to get the best results in the future. It was a great experience with loads of insightful details, I suggest everyone to have this experience and also recommend Nithya as the teacher for Tarot Reading. "




"I had an Angel Therapy session with Nithya and I have to say it was quite amazing and still helps me today. It is with pleasure that I can tell you Nithya that you are an angel yourself and your channelling has been such a great help for me and I think you should pursue this as a way to help people. In moments of despair, it has brought me such light and understanding and hope and positiveness. "







"Nithya is Awesome. I received chakra reading and crystal therapy from her and I see a significant difference in the way I look at things in my life - it simply brought the peace of mind. Would highly recommend. " 



"I am learning Reiki from Nithya; she is a beautiful teacher, Thank you for your beautiful energy and teachings. I am very privileged to have met you on my journey, really appreciated. She is very composed and teaches you everything clearly. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I am seeing benefits of your session with me already. I have enjoyed the whole day learning session. It was so positive to be with you that day. You are just one amazing talented woman. " 









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